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Priceless Plumbing LLC is based in League City Texas as of 2023, owner and master license holder is Houston native Fabian D Gonzales. With over 30 years in the plumbing trade, Priceless Plumbing can tackle just about all your plumbing needs. Whether it be a simple toilet clog or a complex tankless water heater install, we can handle it all!

Being a single member LLC, 90% of my business is by referral or word of mouth. My Google reviews say it all! I'm fair, honest,

and voted #1 Turdherder USA!!

About Priceless Plumbing

Fabian Gonzales, Master Plumber
Water Heater Swap

Gas, Electric, Solar, and Tankless Water Heater Swaps and Repairs done at a price that's fair, there is none that can compare. Call Priceless Plumbing LLC for heater swap. 

Gas Test / GTO

All gas systems should always be installed or repaired by a licensed individual. If you have a gas meter issue or need to add a new gas burning appliance, call Priceless Plumbing LLC first.

Plumbing Home Inspection

Before you make that big purchase, talk to us about inspecting your plumbing systems.

A few hundred dollars today could save you tens of thousands tomorrow, especially if you're buying an older home.

Clogs / Drain Clearing

Unfortunately pipes clog from time to time.  Sometimes it can be a real nasty situation. Don't hesitate to call us to help out, we've seen it all! Trust me, been there done that!

Leak Detection / Repiping

Water will always find a way out, whether it is a pinhole or broken pipe. Call Priceless Plumbing LLC to find the issue. Problem solving is my specialty. From leaks in the yard to the home, we've fixed them all.

Toilet Repair / Install

Nothing is as frustrating as a toilet that doesn't function properly. It can be downright unpleasant sometimes. Priceless Plumbing LLC can help repair issues with ease and offer competitive rates when it comes to swapping them out. We can also install a bidet seat on your new or existing toilet to give you and your family members that extra comfort in life.

Tankless Water Heater Install

Here at Priceless Plumbing LLC, we offer the lowest rates when it comes to installing tankless water heaters. This is due to price drops on tankless heaters in the last few years due to upgrades in technology. Installing a tankless water heater is now becoming a sensible option for home/business owners.

Masceration Systems

Adding a bathroom in an existing space is difficult and pricey. Call Priceless Plumbing LLC so we can take the headache out of a difficult addition. For example, adding a bathroom in the garage. Maceration systems are the way to go.

Water Filtration System Install

If you are on a municipal water system or draw your water from a well (aquifer), we can help filter your home's water system. Say goodbye to corrosive hard water, to foul smells and tastes. Priceless Plumbing LLC can help you pick the right system for your home to get the water quality your family deserves.

New Appliance Installation

Are you getting that dream kitchen you deserve and need new gas appliances, or just replacing what you got in place? Call Priceless Plumbing LLC for the lowest quote to get ya cooking.

Generator Gas Supply

The weather in our area can obviously spring us with surprises. If you need gas to a new generator, we've got you covered. Whether just adding a quick connect to upgrading the gas meter we can get you hooked up right, that way when the power goes out, you'll be sitting pretty.

New Construction / Remodeling

From adding a bathroom to building an entire home/business Priceless Plumbing LLC has the knowledge and know how to get it all done, effectively and simplistic. 

Don't try to fix it yourself! 
Save Time.  Save Money.
Call today 713-835-6069

Priceless plumbing was Very professional and on time. Fabian and Brett did a great job. I had a plug drain under my kitchen sink, and they replace the faucet. I would definitely use again and refer to other customers

Client Review

Very knowledgeable, on time and friendly. Fabian had to get creative with my tear out and installation of a new bathtub faucet. The old one was installed when the home was built in 1997 and was customized to fit, so modifications had to be made to the new one. Thank you for the excellent work. We appreciate it.

Drew Carlyle

Client Review

Hands down the best pricing and service in the area! Very thorough in giving information about the available products and pricing. Install our new water heater quickly and showed up on time. Very nice and professional! Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone!! #1 Turdherder!

Charlie McMann

Client Review

Customer Reviews


Service Hours
Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm

Saturday  9am - 1pm

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MPL 41004

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(512) 936-5200

*Priceless Plumbing LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone

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