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Priceless Plumbing LLC can provide a range of services to address your toilet troubles, from pinpointing the problem to complete replacement, depending on the issue you're facing. Here's what you can expect:

Toilet Repair:

  • Diagnosis: The plumber will examine your toilet to identify the source of the problem. This could be a running toilet, a clogged toilet, leaks around the base, or issues with flushing power.

  • Repairing Specific Issues: Based on the diagnosis, they can perform various repairs. For example, they might:

    • Replace worn-out flappers, valves, or fill mechanisms to stop a running toilet.

    • Use a drain snake or hydro-jetting to clear stubborn clogs.

    • Reseal the toilet to the floor with wax if there's a leak around the base.

    • Adjust the fill valve or flush mechanism to improve flushing power.

  • Replacing Parts: The plumber can replace faulty parts like flappers, fill valves, or flush mechanisms with high-quality, durable components.

Toilet Replacement:

  • Selection Assistance: If your toilet needs replacing, the plumber can help you choose a new toilet that fits your needs and budget. They can advise on features like water efficiency, flushing power, and bowl height.

  • Toilet Removal and Disposal: They'll safely remove your old toilet, disposing of it properly.

  • Toilet Installation: The plumber will expertly install your new toilet, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection with the water supply line and drain system.

  • Testing and Adjustments: After installation, they'll test the toilet for proper function and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it flushes effectively and fills correctly.

Additional Services:

  • Identifying Underlying Issues: Sometimes, toilet problems can indicate issues with your plumbing system, like a clogged drain line. The plumber can diagnose and address these underlying causes.

  • Rough-In Work (for new installations): If you're installing a toilet in a new bathroom, the plumber can handle the rough-in plumbing, which involves installing the drain line and water supply line in the wall and floor.

By consulting a licensed plumber like Priceless Plumbing LLC, you get a professional to diagnose your toilet issue accurately, recommend the most suitable solution (repair or replacement), and ensure the job is done efficiently and according to code.

Toilet Repair / Install

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